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Eyre and Elliston offer the latest industrial SWA cable in the industry, from top manufacturers and suppliers. We are proud of our extensive stock and strive to satisfy the needs of a range of customers who each have a unique set of requirements depending on their projects. You can visit one of our stores if you’d like to browse our products in person, or place a convenient order on the website. Either way, we are delighted to provide you with outstanding quality electrical goods.

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Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable is recognised as the standard for industrial wiring, where there might be high temperatures and great pressures. In other words, this type of cable should be used when high performance and reliability are of the utmost importance. It works well both indoors and outdoors and can even be imbedded into concrete.

You can browse our Industrial SWA cable below and click on the individual product to reveal further details. They are made from a range of different materials, including copper and steel, so you can rest assured you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you choose to order online, you will receive your delivery in a speedy manner and at an affordable price, so you never have to worry about waiting times or high costs.

If you’re unsure which type steel wire armoured cable is right for your project, don’t hesitate to call our dedicated team to discuss your requirements. Our staff are all highly skilled in the field and will answer any questions you have quickly and confidently. At Eyre and Elliston, you can expect superb service at all times.