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Fuses are essential safety features in any electrical system, and the most common sacrificial device found in both domestic and industrial electrical systems. By fitting the correct fuses to your system or electronics, you are protecting the premises and electronics from short circuits, overloading, mismatched loads, device failure, and power surges. Eyre and Elliston’s extensive stock includes a variety of fuses to provide a point of failure that protects the rest of the system, devices, and premises. Choose from a variety of speeds, I2t values, breaking capacities, and voltage ratings.

Browse our online selection below to find the right fuses for your system, order over the phone, or come to your local Eyre and Elliston branch to find exactly what you need and or discuss your options with our experienced team of staff.

Industrial and Compact Dimension Fuses

We only source our fuses from the top brands on the market, ensuring that you have quality products that work when you need them. Our industrial fuse links comply with standard dimensional requirements and safety ratings.

Consumer Unit Fuses

We have a variety of consumer unit fuses, or fuse boxes, available for new installations, replacements, or repair of domestic electrical systems. These units can contain miniature circuit breakers or cartridge fuses.

Domestic Fuses

All UK regular pinned plugs feature a fuse to protect both the circuit and the appliance, available in 3 amp, 5 amp, and 13 amp ratings. This is an essential part of any electrician’s tool kit and the first thing to check when an appliance stops working. Buy online below, and remember to register for a trade account for exclusive deals and discounts.