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As part of our dedication to providing our customers with the very best on the electrical market, we chose Heat Mat as the brand to supply our underfloor heating products. They are one of the leading underfloor heating specialists in the UK, despite being handmade in Europe. As a result, you can expect a reliable, superior quality product.

This award-winning range can be used with any type of flooring, in any type of room, as long as it’s covered with a levelling compound. Heat Mat products can even be installed in bathrooms, as a result of their integrated earth shield. This would be ideal on a cold morning when you’re climbing out of the shower.

The installation process for Heat Mat products is simple and trouble-free. In fact, it could even be a DIY job if you happen to be feeling industrious, which means you won’t have to hire anyone to help. As long as the room in which you’re installing the heating is sufficiently ventilated, Heat Mat can be used as a sole source of heat, which will free some wall space that was previously taken up by bulky radiator.

Heat Mat products will help you to save money in the long run, for several reasons. Firstly, after installation, there aren’t any recurring maintenance fees. Furthermore, since heat rises evenly throughout the room, you won’t have to turn the temperature up too high. This will save energy and therefore reduce your utility bills.

If you ever decide to move house in the future, you may find that having underfloor heating installed actually increases the value of your home and appeals to more prospective buyers. The product warranty will be passed on to the new owner of the property, as it lasts a lifetime.

Feel free to browse the Heat Mat products below and click on the individual product to find out more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, we have over sixty stores that you can visit. You’re also more than welcome to contact us with any questions, as our expert staff are always more than happy to help.