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With energy saving controls from Eyre and Elliston, you can save energy and money, whilst often improving the quality of emitted light at the same time. Eyre and Elliston have a variety of options available, each manufactured by superior brands to ensure flawless quality.


Timeguard have a strong focus on the environment. They’re a brand committed to providing energy saving solutions by means of easy to install, high quality and reliable products. They offer LED lighting and PIR sensors to reduce waste, and many of their products can be controlled via Wi-Fi.

Time Delay Switches

Time delay switches are fantastic because they turn off your lights for you in situations where you have forgotten. This means you won’t waste energy lighting up a room that no-one is using.

Elkay Timers

Elkay have manufactured a family of switches, timers and detectors with the sole purpose of increasing convenience and reducing energy waste. Their timers can be used independently or as a master unit.

BG Electrical PIR Occupancy Switches

BG Electrical have over 75 years of experience selling electrical accessories, such as energy saving controls. Their PIR occupancy switches are designed to detect motion and consequently illuminate the area. Meaning that the light is only used when there is someone insight.