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LED lighting is increasingly popular in both residential and industrial buildings. The latest LED technology can save you up to 90% on lighting-related energy bills and provide you with a cool, crisp white light that is on instantly without the need to warm up.

LEDs are available in a huge variety of types, shapes, and light colours so you can find the perfect one to suit you. While classic LED lights are perfect for downlights and kitchens, they are also available in more familiar bulb shapes and even strip lights, depending on the atmosphere and ambience you would like to create.

LED Lamps

LED lamps emit less heat (and therefore waste less energy) and are better for the environment than ‘old fashioned’ bulbs and many energy-saving bulbs which may take time to warm up and therefore extend the amount of time you have the light on for. Our range includes indoor lighting options, dimmable lights, outdoor lights, security lights, and downlights, so you can find the right lighting for any room or budget.

LED Flat Panel Lighting

Commercial LED panel lights are perfect for warehouses, large commercial spaces, or anywhere you would like a lot of high quality white light with a flat profile. These can be installed on any flat surface, so you can mount them on any wall or ceiling to brighten up the room. These panels make the perfect replacement for older fluorescent tube lights and use less energy than the alternatives.

Transformers and LED Drivers

When installing LED lights, sometimes it’s necessary to include a driver or transformer to convert mains voltage to a current that’s suitable for LED lighting. Since LED lights operate on a lower and more precise voltage than halogen and incandescent bulbs, it’s important to install the right transformer to ensure that the LEDs work consistently.