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LED panel lights let you install lighting on any flat surface, including ceilings, internal walls, and even angled loft ceilings to flood your room with light. They make an excellent replacement for older fluorescent lights, offering an eco-friendly option that will help to reduce bills and carbon footprints.

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Even illumination is the biggest benefit of LED panel lighting – the entire surface of the panel lights up, rather than tubes with a cover which does not disperse light as well. Unlike tube lighting they are also noise and flicker-free, ensuring a calm and quiet work environment without any visual or auditory irritations.

Our panels come in a variety of colour temperatures, including warm white, daylight, and cool white, ensuring that you have the perfect light quality for any room or function. Cool white is typically used in offices, where visibility and reducing eye strain are both important factors. Warm white is more typically used in domestic settings, while daylight is perfect for any part of residential or commercial buildings, especially in winter when it gets dark early and people may find themselves feeling more fatigued.

While these panel lights can be recessed in walls or ceilings, they can be mounted on the surface to reduce the need for extensive installations or redecorations. Take a look at our selection below to find the right size, light colour, and fitting for you. If you are unsure about your requirements, just get in touch. Our staff are always happy to provide guidance – we can even offer a lighting design service to ensure that you have the right plan and placement for your building.