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Transformers or drivers are an essential part of many LED lighting installs and upgrades. LED lights require more precise voltages than halogen and fluorescent lighting and operate on direct current rather than alternating, so if the property has not previously had LEDs fitted it’s likely that a transformer will be needed.

The transformer you need depends on the specific lighting requirements – the direct current requirements for most LEDs are 12V or 24V. Transformers have a standard input but output voltage varies, and it is important to match this to the new lighting. Transformers and drivers may or may not be dimmable, so it is also important to check this before ordering. Colour changing LEDs are dimmed via a controller, rather than a dimmer switch, so a non-dimmable driver is used for these installations.

When selecting the right transformer or driver, be sure to check that 1) the wattage of is higher than the total wattage of the LED light or lights connected to it, and2) the voltage is correct. All product details are available on the pages below.

Interior drivers and transformers do not necessarily need to be waterproof, but transformers that will be mounted outside or in spaces like garages should have a higher IP rating to ensure resistance to dust, water, and rust. We recommend a rating of IP68 for external installations, and it should be placed in an electrical enclosure.

If you are unsure about some of the requirements or settings for a correct LED transformer or driver, just get in touch. Our experienced staff are happy to help over the phone or in any branch to ensure everything you buy will work together. Alternatively, speak to us about our Lighting Design Solution service, which is a free way to gain advice and plan the entire lighting system for your space.