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Security cameras are an excellent addition to any security system – in addition to alerting neighbours, passers-by, and possibly the police that there has been a break in, security cameras catch footage of exactly what has happened to help identify culprits and even secure convictions where necessary. Simply installing security cameras on your premises can help to reduce the chances of a break in, theft, or criminal damage as they work as an effective and highly visible deterrent.

Eyre and Elliston’s range of security cameras includes units that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so that you can have a clear view of your entire premises or property, including gardens, car parks, storage, and other outdoor areas. We offer both traditional CCTV systems that are now the standard in business or industrial security systems, as well as the latest wireless indoor security cameras which can be used for everything from checking on your home during a holiday, monitoring pets, keeping an eye on cash registers, or as a second layer to general home security.

Indoor Security Cameras

Our wireless indoor security cameras are designed for 24/7 live streaming. They are easy to install and come with optional alert systems, which can be accessed from the same app as you use to check the camera footage. These indoor cameras plug into the mains power supply, meaning that you never have to worry about running out of batteries – this also means that they don’t wait for movement or any other trigger to start recording, they record continuously from the moment they are installed.

High Definition CCTV Systems

As general camera technology has improved over the last few years, so have CCTV camera standards. High definition CCTV cameras show you unprecedented detail in a huge range of lighting conditions. These are the perfect choice for higher end home security systems, business security and monitoring, and maintaining safe premises.