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Eyre and Elliston stock everything you need for effective protective circuitry including consumer units, modular enclosures, distribution boards, switch fuses, rotary isolator switchers, and reconditioned credit meters, as well as fuses and circuit breakers so you can build an entire system from scratch or simply repair or replace whatever necessary. Our variety of switchgear products are suitable for both domestic and industrial use.

We partner with the best suppliers in the marketplace to ensure that you can rely on the quality, reliability, and longevity of our products while benefiting from competitive pricing. Find exactly what you need from the products below to order online, order over the phone, or come to your local branch.

Consumer Units

We carry a wide range of consumer units, including 17th edition boards, from a number of different brands so you can always find exactly what you need. The range at Eyre and Elliston is suitable for everything from studio and 1-bed flats, through to large domestic systems and office blocks.

Modular Enclosures

Our modular enclosures allow you to build any system you need, from home automation to server configuration. The range of sizes means that you can find anything you need – from economical enclosures with very small footprints through to more elaborate enclosures with elements that can be removed, withdrawn, modified, changed, or rearranged indefinitely.

Distribution Boards

Build your electrical system from the ground up with our distribution boards. For domestic uses, please see our consumer units which are more suited for residences, and consider our distribution boards for industrial, retail, or office applications.

Switch Fuses

Eyre and Elliston switch fuses are available from 16 to 250 amps, to up 690V. These are a key component in low voltage switchgears. Standard switch fuses withstand 100kA fault current and are available for all kinds of fuse links.