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Converting To LED Lighting

Converting your halogen bulbs to LED lighting is easy and extremely worthwhile, but there are a few important things you’ll need to understand before you start. Any of your lights can be converted, whether it’s a bedside lamp or a large chandelier. Please find out more below.

What Type of Lamp Do You Want?

To determine which type of lamp you’ll need to install, you must first understand its purpose. Knowing what you need the light to do in the first place will help you decide on things like the colour, brightness, placement and style of your new LED lamp.

Are Your Lamps Dimmable?

If your existing lights are controlled with a dimmer switch, you’ll need to make sure your new LED lamps are also dimmable. Dimmable lighting is favoured among many homeowners, because not only is it more energy efficient, it also allows you to completely alter the ambience in the room with minimal effort.

Have You Considered the Fitting?

Your current volt mains will determine whether or not you’ll need additional electrical work before installing your new LED lamps. 240 volt fittings can typically accept a new LED lamp without extra labour, but 12 volt fittings will need an alternative driver. This is because LED lamps only require a very small amount of power and if it is supplied more than it needs by the transformers, there is a fire risk.

You will find plenty of advice and video guides online about LED conversions, but if you’d prefer the trusted advice of one of our professionals, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit one of our stores. Try not to feel put off by the initial upfront cost of LED lights, as they can save you hundreds in the long run. This is what makes them such a valuable investment.

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