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Eyre and Elliston carry a range of different light fittings, to suit all rooms, aesthetics, and budgets, from simple office/commercial lighting through to domestic lighting, outdoor lights, and signage. Take a look at our full selection below or visit your local branch to see our range and choose the perfect light fittings for your project.

Fluorescent Light Fittings

Fluorescent lighting is the standard in many industrial building, retail premises, and offices throughout the UK. We stock a huge number of options, including modular lighting, surface lighting, and batten lighting so you are sure to find exactly what you need in our catalogue.


Downlights are an excellent solution for a fuss-free aesthetic, rooms with low ceilings, or just spaces where you don’t want the additional maintenance of dusting light fittings. They suit any room and any style. They’re also available in a number of different lighting types, including LEDs, fire-rated downlights, and halogen lights.

Retail Lighting

Retail lighting doesn’t just illuminate a space – it reinforces a brand and creates a feeling and atmosphere in the space, whether that’s chic or industrial, luxurious or utilitarian. We offer retail lighting solutions for the shop floor, stock rooms, dressing rooms, and more, as well as a lighting design service that will help you choose lighting that reflects your brand.

Kitchen Lighting

The right kitchen lighting makes the area easier to use and turns it into an inviting hub, rather than just the room where you cook. Browse through the options here to find the perfect kitchen lighting to make it a comfortable, relaxing, and safe space for the whole family.

Bathroom Lighting

Spotlights, downlights, and ceiling lights are perfect for bathrooms where space is often at a premium and it’s important to use lights that can withstand moisture from showers and baths. Choose the right lighting here, or get in touch with our lighting design team to discuss your options.

Ceiling and Wall Lights

Browse our extensive collection of ceiling and wall light fittings – choose the right lighting for your space, we stock everything from sleek, modern, and minimalist fittings through to lights that will fit in with even the most traditional or ornate décor.

Outdoor Lighting

Keep outdoor areas safe and extend the use of decking, patios, and outdoor areas with quality outdoor lighting fittings. Take a look at the selection here and find everything you need to install outdoor lighting throughout this section of the site.