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Lighting Design Solutions (LDS) is a free of charge commercial lighting service, proudly providing customers with an “A-Z” in Technical Design Proposals. This ranges from simple lighting product information and lighting energy surveys to complex design advice and comprehensive lighting schemes. Regardless of the project, we always propose the most suitable solution utilising the latest Lighting Design Software. As a result, you can rest assured you’re receiving state-of-the-art assistance that you can depend on.

As well as using advanced, cutting-edge software, our experienced lighting engineers are appropriately qualified and always on-hand to provide a quick response in determining the number, position and style of luminaire(s) best suited to each individual application. In addition to on-site surveys, we can also offer you technical advice over the phone where necessary. Overall, we want to ensure the service we provide is first-rate and our customers are completely satisfied time and time again.

Although LDS will investigate the entire Lighting Industry and have a wide range of experience, our main focus is on our preferred Lighting Suppliers, being known, well-established, prominent and trusted by Eyre and Elliston Ltd. In fact, LDS works closely with your local Eyre and Elliston Ltd branch to ensure you are provided with the necessary information. This allows you, our customer, to have ultimate peace of mind and make a well-informed decision.

We strive to provide the finest quality service and want to help customers no matter what their query. Please do not hesitate to get in touch as our fully qualified staff are always more than happy to answer your queries and give you their expert advice.