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Alfie Awarded EDA Apprentice Of The Month


Congratulations to Alfie Cotton of Christchurch branch! Alfie is currently completing his Level 2 Trade Supplier Apprenticeship with EDA Apprenticeships and was nominated by his Tutor, Damien and Line Manager, Jerry.


Alfie’s Tutor, Damien said:

“Alfie is now at the EPA stage of his apprenticeship. In the last year he has developed his knowledge and skills to become a fundamental member of the team.”

“Alfie has demonstrated his ability to communicate with different types of customers. This has given him more confidence but also the customers are now trusting Alfie to deal with their orders and earning the trust of them to get the order right first time.”

“Alfie produces weekly promotions which are forwarded to customers on Fridays and Mondays. He has put a template together and manages all aspects of the promotion.”

“Throughout my time spent with Alfie, I have seen his development which has been fantastic. He is a great asset to the company and has a promising future ahead of him. I am looking forward to seeing through his EPA, with his knowledge test commencing on 06/07.”


Alfie’s Line Manager, Jerry said:

“Alfie knows the list of tasks above which he performs daily he organises himself in the morning to actions the tasks in an order which is most urgently at the time. Prioritising and multi tasking is key to this.

This shows he is organised and flexible in these roles. He always has a positive attitude to work. Alfie will also work 10-15 in to his lunch time if we under pressure or short staff to get this done.

He is now contributing to the business with positive attributes and sharing ideas with the team.”


Alfie said:

“In regards to my time as an apprentice it really has been an enjoyable experience. With Covid19 still a problem, I really wasn’t enjoying my time at college and wanted a more hands on and practical role. From starting off clueless in the industry to now having a strong understanding of the products and of my role in the supply chain, Jerry and the team at Eyre & Elliston have made the experience exciting and kept it fresh – every day I learn something new to help me progress.

I started off picking orders for deliveries and collections as well as working assisted on the trade counter, here I began to build my relationships with customers (in my opinion the most important aspect of the whole role). This is where I learnt the most – from the consumer. Jerry had a clear plan for me at the branch and that was to be an asset in different areas not just one role. Whether I am doing a quote, serving on the counter, taking deliveries, booking out stock or re stocking the trade counter there is always something for me to be doing. Another one of these additional jobs was running the social media/promotional side of the business to create a stronger online presence. Using an automated mail system we send a weekly promotional deal to our customers that has proven beneficial. I am really enjoying my time here learning and cannot wait to see how far I can push myself in the industry.

Big thanks to Sue at the EDA as well for the support through my course; you’ve been a wonderful mentor.”