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Lighting Project in Hayden School

Lighting Project in Hayden School


We have completed a lighting project in Haydon School including Over 1000 x Luceco EBP66L28N-01 31W Eco Panel 600x600 and several other items. The aim of this project was to illuminate each classroom of the school to produce adequate light for the students so that they can focus on their studies comfortably. Lights used in this project are Luceco LuxPanel EBP66L28N-01 - an Eco Square LED Flat Panel LED 595mm x 595mm Standard 31W 4000K 2800lm IP20 Ceiling Light in White, ideal for ceiling lighting. This LED flat panel is a cost-saving alternative to fluorescent luminaires for domestic or commercial use.

Figure 1: Picture from a classroom in Haydon School

These lights have backlit LED technology with a slimline 30mm depth which enhances the outlook of these lights. LED-backlit displays utilize the same TFT LCD (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) innovations as CCFL-backlit LCDs but offer several advantages over them. The LuxPanel EBP66L28N lights have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years.

These lights are available with a white aluminum frame with TP(b) diffuser. TP(b) diffusers are made up of either Acrylic or Polystyrene. The rate of combustion in these materials is low as compared to other materials used in ordinary LED bulbs. Aluminum frames increase the aesthetic appearance of the lights and Diffusers in these lights have a very low rate of burning which is up to 5mm/min. These lights produce 2800 Lumens which indicate the intensity of light they produce.

A light source's color temperature tells us what color spectrum it produces. What color spectrum a lighting source belongs to determines how much light and heat it emits. No matter if the lighting design is for a commercial or academic space, color temperature is a crucial consideration. The Color temp of these products is in the range of 4000K. This temperature range falls in the category of neutral white lights which is considered best for a workplace.


Figure 2: A picture of Classroom in Haydon School after completion of the Project