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Project EV Charge Points


Showcasing our customers installs

A showcase of a few of our customer's recent installations featuring Project EV charging points.


Easy to use app

All project EV chargers are smart, meaning they can be controlled and monitored via an app. Compatible both with Android and iPhones. 


Extended warranty

Project EV offers the longest warranty on the market for all  smart AC Chargers. With the industry standard being 3 years warranty protection, Project EV takes pride in offering 5 years warranty protection.


Smart technology

The built-in technology allows for users to manage loads and if users have an economy-7 electricity tariff, then the system can be setup to charge only during these times. 

Electric vehicle home charge scheme

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference showed that governments continue to work towards zero emissions.

The UK government have continued an initiative that contributes up to £350 towards (as of the 1st April 2020) the installation of electric vehicle charging points. 

You can claim for one charging point per vehicle, for up to two points per household. Project EV chargers are OLEV approved, please contact a OLEV approved installer to be eligible for the grant.

More information

Please contact your local Eyre & Ellison Branch Here for more information. 

Alternatively Click Here to visit the manufacture's website.

Photo's credit of an Eyre & Ellison Sunderland customer.

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Written by William Chisholm